1. Consumer Behavior, Adoption and Awareness Issues
2. Neuro Marketing and Marketing Practices in B2B and B2C Sector
3. Marketing in Emerging and Transition Economies
4. CRM, Social Media Marketing and CSR
5. Public Relations, Advertising & Integrated Marketing Communications
6. Cross- Cultural Communications & Issues in Branding
7. Marketing Strategy, Brand Identity and Corporate Reputation
8. Retail & Service Marketing
9. Sensory & Experiential Marketing
10. Marketing Research in Specific Industries (e.g. sports, tourism, telecom, public, health, NGO's etc.)
11. Promotion and Pricing Strategies
12. Ethical Marketing and Consumer Protection
13. Personal Selling and Sales Management
14. Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Small Business Marketing
15. Other relevant issues related to broad theme of the Conference.
All accepted papers will be subjected to a blind review process as this conference is a Refereed conference.